Stephen Brewster visita la EPS (UdL)

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Charla en el marco de la asignatura User Centred Design (3r curso del Grado en Inginiería Informática) a cargo de Stephen Brewster del Glasgow Multimodal Interaction Group (University of Glasgow, UK).

Title: New ways of interacting with mobile devices

Stephen Brewster talk in LleidaAbstract: Mobile user interfaces are heavily based on small screens and keyboards. These can be hard to operate when on the move which limits the applications and services we can use. This talk will look at the possibility of moving away from these kinds of interactions to ones more suited to mobile devices and their dynamic contexts of use where users need to be able to look where they are going, carry shopping bags and hold on to children at the same time as using their phones. Multimodal (gestural, audio and haptic) interactions provide us new ways to use our devices that can be eyes and hands free, and allow users to interact in a ‘head up’ way. These new interactions will facilitate new services, applications and devices that fit better into our daily lives and allow us to do a whole host of new things. I will discuss some of the work we are doing on input using haptics and force, along with work on output using  3D sound and tactile displays in applications for mobile devices.

La charla ha tenido lugar hoy jueves 27 de abril a las 9:00 en la Sala de Grados de la Escuela Politécnica Superior (aula 2.03) de la Universidad de Lleida.

TRANSPARENCIAS de la charla y algunas fotos de la charla.

Stephen, thanks a lot for accepting to share your knowledge with us in Lleida.


Siân Lindley visita la EPS (UdL)

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Investigadora Siân Lindley

Investigadora Siân Lindley

La semana próxima contaremos con la investigadora Siân Lindley del grupo “Human Experience & Design (HXD)” de Microsoft Research a Cambridge (UK).

Siân compartirá su conocimiento tanto a los alumnos de Grado de Ingeniería Informática cómo a los miembros de GRIHO, de INSPIRES y, en general, con toda persona interesada.

Estas son las Actividades académicas previstas:

7th of April

12:00 to 13:00: INSPIRES research seminar (classroom 2.01 EPS)

  • Título: Digital Possessions
  • Resumen: Increasingly the things that matter to us are digital, be they stored on computers and mobile devices, synced across Cloud services, generated as social media, or curated via sites like Pinterest. In our recent research, myself and my colleagues have been exploring what digital possessions are, where they are hosted and stored, how users interact with them, and what this means for their relationships with them. This work has two strands. Firstly, we have conducted research to understand how people experience and manage their digital content in a networked world. Our research indicates that people feel a less assured sense of possession over content stored in the Cloud, that mechanisms to allow them to ‘keep’ new forms of content are often lacking, and that sharing ownership of possessions has to be done differently when those possessions are digital rather than physical. Secondly, we have undertaken conceptual work to reimagine how we might conceptualise the computer file and the actions that are bound up with it. We argue that the ‘file’ metaphor, and the actions that have traditionally been associated with it (copy, delete, etc.) are losing their salience in a networked world, where copies proliferate across services and devices, and deleting content carries new uncertainties.

17:00 to 19:00: HCI class (classroom 0.04 EPS)

  • Clase de HCI en la asignatura Interacción Persona-Ordenador de 2o curso del GEI.
    • Título: Personal Information Management in a Networked World
    • Resumen: In this lecture, I will cover some of the challenges that are associated with personal information management when digital content is distributed across a network of personal devices and online services. Students will learn how management of digital ‘cherished possessions’ throws up a different set of problems to the management of physical belongings, but also offers new opportunities for design.

8th of April

9:00 to 11:00: UCD class (classroom 2.01 EPS)

  • Clase en la asignatura Diseño Centrado en el Usuario de 3r curso del GEI.
    • Título: New Metaphors for Managing Digital Content
    • Resumen: In this lecture, I will cover some of the challenges that are associated with personal information management when digital content is distributed across a network of personal devices and online services, and outline the role of metaphors in approaches to dealing with these.

La visita ha sido financiada por la Convocatoria del Programa de Ayudas para favorecer la internacionalización de la UdL.


Helen Petrie visit

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This week we had the vsit of PhD. Mrs. Hellen Petrie, Professor of Human Computer Interaction in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York (UK). During her shor but valuable stay, she has been doing some activities:

Wednesday, 27th May

Morning: a seminar with GRIHO research group members. This was a informal meeting where we interchanged knowledge about who we are and what we do. This was the schedule (presentations avaliable):

Afternoon (from 17:00 to 19:00) class to the HCI students: “Research Methods in HCI: Collaborative Heuristic Evaluation and Verbal Protocols

Thursday, 28th May

Talk to teachers in the context of INSPIRES research institute titled:

Technological developments for visually impaired people: recent successes and future needs

  • This talk will discuss recent research conducted by the Human Computer Interaction Research Group at the University of York into developing technologies for visually impaired people and giving them better access to mainstream technologies. I will discuss three very different projects: WebAIR, a project to help web developers understand web accessibility better; OptiNav, an app to help visually impaired people to navigate the “last 10 metres” in unknown environments; and DescribeIT, a crowdsourcing project to describe images in online digital learning resources for blind students.

Helen, many thanks for this visit


Propera tesi doctoral de l’Afra Pascual

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En els propers dies es defensarà una nova tesi doctoral desenvolupada per una membre de GRIHO:


Autora: Afra Pascual Almenara

Directors: Toni Granollers i Saltiveri (UdL) i Mireia Ribera Turró (UB)

Department d’Informàtica i Enginyeria Industrial

Data de la Defensa: Dijous, 16 d’Abril del 2015

Hora prevista: 11.00h

Lloc: Sala de Graus de l’Escola Politècnica Superior


World Usability Day (and its relationship with my university)

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Today, November the 13th, is the World Usability Day. To celebrate, we have written an article to explain how this event is related to my university.

Please, choose the CATALAN version or the SPANISH one.


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