Helen Petrie visit

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This week we had the vsit of PhD. Mrs. Hellen Petrie, Professor of Human Computer Interaction in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York (UK). During her shor but valuable stay, she has been doing some activities:

Wednesday, 27th May

Morning: a seminar with GRIHO research group members. This was a informal meeting where we interchanged knowledge about who we are and what we do. This was the schedule (presentations avaliable):

Afternoon (from 17:00 to 19:00) class to the HCI students: “Research Methods in HCI: Collaborative Heuristic Evaluation and Verbal Protocols

Thursday, 28th May

Talk to teachers in the context of INSPIRES research institute titled:

Technological developments for visually impaired people: recent successes and future needs

  • This talk will discuss recent research conducted by the Human Computer Interaction Research Group at the University of York into developing technologies for visually impaired people and giving them better access to mainstream technologies. I will discuss three very different projects: WebAIR, a project to help web developers understand web accessibility better; OptiNav, an app to help visually impaired people to navigate the “last 10 metres” in unknown environments; and DescribeIT, a crowdsourcing project to describe images in online digital learning resources for blind students.

Helen, many thanks for this visit


Seminario con Sergio Sayago

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Nos ha visitado Sergio Sayago, Doctor en Ciencias de la Computación y Comunicación Digital por la Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

En un seminario GRIHO, ha presentado su investigación llevada a cabo durante 5 años en que ha realizado diversos estudios y encuestas con cerca de 400 personas mayores en distintas ciudades (Dundee, Barcelona y Madrid) para observar cómo estos usuarios interactúan, aprenden y se interesan por las nuevas tecnologías.

Podéis acceder al documento de la presentación en el siguiente enlace: An overview of 5 years of field research with older people


Philippe Palanque and Regina Bernhaupt visited GRIHO

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During last two days Philippe Palanque and Regina Bernhaupt from University of Toulouse (France).

Yerterday, May the 30, Philippe did two classes for the Computer Science Grade sutents:

  • 12:00-14:00 Class addressed to students of “User-Centered Design” subject. It is a a non mandatory subject, with less students (around 20 students, they are in the 6th semester of their studies). They studied “Human-Computer Interaction” subject last year. I’d like to focus your talk/class on “Task analysis and modelling”
  • 15:00-17:00 Class addressed to Grade in Computer Science students in the “Human-Computer Interaction” mandatory subject (around 60 students, they are in the 4rth semester). For them we thought to teach a “General class/talk about HCI”.

Today, May the 31th, we did a knowledge interchange. This was the agenda:

  1. General GRIHO presentation, by Toni Granollers
  2. Plasticity-MobileUsability, by Montse Sendín
  3. Accessibility PhD advances by Afra Pascual
  4. Interacting with Semantic Web Data, by Josep Mª Brunetti
  5. Yenny Méndez explained the iedas and advances of her PhD
  6. Andrés Solano also exposed his PhD goals
  7. Main Research Lines of Francisco Jurado
  8. Finally, Roberto García explained the aspects related with emotional research carried on by Rosa Mª Gil and that related with semantic web applications

After these presentations, Regina and Philippe explained some of them multiple interests and research topics.


Seminario GRIHO (Octubre 2012)

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Agenda y presentaciones:


Reunió Griho-ETSEVG-ETSE

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Trobada membres de l’EPSEVG, ETSE (UAB) i GRIHO a Lleida.

Aquesta trobada sorgeix com a resultat d’una trobada realitzada el passat 12 de març a l’ETSEVG. L’esperit principal d’aquestes trobads és coneixer-nos millor i trobar punts d’encontre tant a nivell docent com de recerca.

Els temes tractats han sigut els següents:

  1. Projecte SAF (Ramon Vilanova, ETSE).
  2. Interfaces de Usuario Plásticas y Colaborativas (Montse Sendín i Juanjo Pardo, Griho).
  3. Sistemas de recomendación (Juan Manuel Gimeno, Griho).
  4. Interacción con la web semántica. El portal rhizomer y sus aplicaciones (Roberto García, Griho).
  5. Hacia la semiautomatización de la evaluación heurística (Llúcia Masip, Griho).
  6. Adecuación de las técnicas de evaluación de usabilidad de sistemas interactivos a escenarios colaborativos (Yenny Méndez, Universidad del Cauca, Colombia).
  7. Ontología de emociones y análisis de accesibilidad (Juan Miguel López, Griho).
  8. Patrones de diseño web (Rosa Mª Gil, Griho)

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